Reservasion Form

       ・Adress in Japan(if you have) or home country name
       ・Date of check in
       ・Number of nights
       ・Number of person
         with dinner and breakfast with dinner with breakfast without meals , only stay



      Please check your mail one more time, so click the button(send mail).
      And at next page,please click right button(上記内容で送信>>).It is finished.

       ・Attention please.
      This form is not automatic returnmail. After checked our schedule, we send returnmail to you within 24 hours.
      If you cancel your reservasion, please send mail by AM8:30 of that day. In this case, there is nothing cancel fee.
      After AM8:30 of that day, you must pay cancel fee ,3000yen/one parson.
      After PM3:00 of that day or not staying , you must pay all price.