Welcome to Kuraigahara-sansou. Thank you for accessing our lodge.
We hope you will come to Norikura.
I can speak English just a little. So please send a mail to me.
And please make your reservasion by this form.
If do you have any questions , please write a mail
to me.(this form)
Please write in easy English!

Attention please,
@Our lodge is moutain lodge, so we do not have a bathroom(showerroom)
AWe use a generator for electric light, so after 9 p.m , turn off the lights.

I have been to some countries ,over world. Nepal, India, Tibet, Switzerland,
and so on . In these countries, I was helped too much by many peaple , so I want to entertain to forigners. I hope you will come to our lodge!
 with dinner and breakfast  7500@yen / 1person 1night
 with dinner   6300 yen / 1person 1night
 with breakfast   5700 yen / 1person 1night
 without meals , only stay   4500 yen / 1person 1night
In winter season( Dec. , Jan. , Feb. , Mar. , Apr. and May1`14j@heating fee {500yen/person
All prices are including tax . And please only cash .  
 2015`2016 openning period
E2015/Dec/23`2016/Jan/11 , Feb/6`Oct/31
Esometimes we have an irreguler holiday , so please certainly make your reservasion.

Welcome to Kuraigahara-sansouI